Scientific publications by Enrico Savazzi  

This is a list of my scientific publications. I have long since gotten rid of paper reprints of all my papers, so I don't have any to mail. I do not make electronic reprints available for download on this web site, but most of them are available for download on ResearchGate and Both web sites require registration and login, which is free. Good academic libraries should also have paper copies or online access to the large majority of these journals and books, so if you work at a large university or research institution, your local library should be your best bet.

More information on my books is available here.

dot 76 - Savazzi, E. 2015: The Early Cambrian Eophyton toolmark and its producer. Paleontological Research 19: 61-75; Tokyo.

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dot 72 - Savazzi, E. 2012: A reassessment of the Lower Cambrian psammocoral Spatangopsis costata. Paleontological Research 16: 159-170; Tokyo.

dot 71 - Savazzi, E. 2011: Construction and programming of an autonomous focus stacker. Computers & Geosciences 37: 1670-1676; New York.

dot 70 - Savazzi, E. 2011: Digital photography for science: Close-up photography, macrophotography and photomacrography. 704 pp. Lulu Enterprises, Raleigh. ISBN 978-0-557-92537-7 (paperback) and ISBN 978-0-557-91133-2 (hardcover).

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dot 1 - Savazzi E. 1980: New records of fossil Gastrochaenacea (Pelecypoda) from the Venetian Region (NE Italy).  Memorie di Scienze Geologiche 34, 177-182; Padova.

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