Hanimex 35 mm f/3.5

Hanimex 35 mm f/3.5

The barrel of this lens differs from the Soligor discussed on another page only in the sculpturing of the aperture preset ring. The serial number of this Hanimex consists of 5 digits, without the "KA" letters displayed by the three specimens of the similar Soligor model that I have been able to examine. The optics of this lens are apparently identical to those of the Kyoei, Soligor etc., but the coatings of this Hanimex are less decidedly blue than on the Soligor, although not golden like on the Kyoei type 1 and 2. The front element diameter of this Hanimex is 23 mm and the filter mount 46 mm.

This lens comes with a V-groove attachment for a camera mount adapter similar to (but not identical with) the ones found on the corresponding Soligor lenses. The adapter of this Hanimex carries a Miranda threaded mount, 44 mm (not 42 mm) in diameter and with a registration distance a few mm shorter than an M42 lens. A positive effect of this lens mount is that it provides a better mechanical protection of the rear optical element, which does not protrude through this mount type.

This Hanimex model is also branded Galaxy. The UV performance of this Hanimex lens is discussed here.

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