Micro 4/3 lens adapters:
Metabones Nikon F, type 1 and 2

Metabones type 1 (the original) and type 2 (a subsequent model) Nikon to Micro 4/3 adapters. Purchased on eBay.

Metabones type 1 (left) and type 2 (right) Nikon to Micro 4/3 adapters.

Pros: Solid construction. Chrome-plated brass Nikon and Micro 4/3 bayonets. Good mechanical fit to Micro 4/3 camera bodies and Nikon lenses. Type 2 adapter has a solid tripod shoe with built-in Arca-compatible plate.

Cons: Expensive. Interior is relatively shiny and may need to be painted flat black or lined with flocking to avoid flare and loss of contrast. Chrome plating is thin and starts to wear out after mounting and dismounting lens and camera just a few times (above figure, left). Plating is missing where the mounts were suspended with a wire during electroplating (in high-quality electroplating, this is easily avoided by plating twice while suspending the piece at different points - these ones were plated only once to cut costs). Corners of tabs of Nikon bayonet are sharp and the bayonet cannot mount certain third-party lenses and accessories that do mount without problems on Nikon bodies.