On this page, I make available software that I wrote for my own use, or for learning a programming language, that might be useful also to others. See this other page for more free software I have written.

ClipEx windows and dialogs
  • ClipEx is a clipboard extender for text. It allows users to create multiple text items that can be inserted in another program by pressing a hotkey (i.e., a combination of keys) associated with each item. ClipEx needs to be running to do this, but it does not need to be the active application. It does not even need to be visible anywhere on the screen. While using an editor, IDE or other program, just press the hotkey and the corresponding item is inserted at the current caret position. ClipEx items are stored to a configuration file when the program exits, and re-loaded at program start.

    ClipEx requires Windows 10 (64-bit) or Windows 8 (64-bit). It may also run on other 64-bit versions of Windows, but it has not been properly tested for this. There are no Mac or Linux versions, and there never will be. There is no 32-bit Windows version. This software is only available in English.

Download the ClipEx help file (zipped, you need to save it to your computer and unzip it locally because Windows for safety reasons blocks all CHM help files downloaded from the Internet) or the ClipEx installer. If you download the installer, the help file is included, and you don't need to download it separately. However, I do recommend that you read the help file first, particularly the disclaimer section and the system requirements. Read also the rest of this web page.

I guarantee this softwere to be free from viruses, adware, malware and any malicious security or privacy threats, as long as you downloaded these files directly from If you have any doubt on whether you are really accessing my site, type "" (without quotes) in the address bar of your browser, then press Enter. This is the only location where I make these files available. Any other locations are unauthorized by me, and of course I cannot guarantee the safety of these files if downloaded from other sources. In short, do not trust any other download location for these files.

Even if you do download these files directly from, I strongly suggest that you test the software with all antivirus and internet security software you have available, both before and after installing it, and before running it for the first time.

This software runs in the background and reads all keyboard strokes, waiting until one of the registered hotkeys is pressed. It does not store, log or forward any keystrokes, does not access the network for any reason (unless you store the ClipEx configuration file or a ClipEx backup file on a network drive), and does not connect to the Internet to check for updates or for any other reason. However, I recommend you use care if you store sensitive data in ClipEx text items, because this program stores its items in an unencrypted file in the user directory, where malicious software may potentially try to access it.

This software is freeware. More information is available in the help file.