An introduction to selected subjects of my research

These pages contain short discussions of some of my research projects, with pointers to some of my most relevant papers (a complete list of my papers is available here). This is not meant to be a general introduction to palaeobiology or functional morphology, but only a presentation of my research in terms that should be understandable to a public possessing a generic knowledge of scientific principles and terminology, and a basic understanding of Earth and biological science. Undergraduate students in these fields should have little difficulty in following the discussion. The first of the topics in the following list also includes a generic, albeit concise, introduction to fossils and palaeontology that should be understandable to an unspecialised, although educated, public.  Each page ends with references to a few of my papers on the subject. These papers can be used as sources of references to further literature, but it should be reminded that each paper was written as a self-contained contribution to a scientific journal or book, and therefore was meant originally to be accessible to a highly specialised public, and to cover a single specific subject.

A more detailed review of my research interests is available here.

Unfortunately, I cannot provide paper copies of my publications, nor make their contents available on-line as downloads from this site. However, most of my reprints are available in electronic format from (requires login) and (membership may be necessary, and is currently free). Copyright of my papers, in most cases, rests with the publisher (not the author). Most of these journals and books are international in distribution, and should be available through major university libraries.

Functional morphology