Depth of field calculator

This page used to contain a Java applet that implements a depth of field (DoF) calculator useful for close-up photography, macrophotography and photomacrography with digital cameras.

Over the years, there have been several changes in Java applet security settings, browser support and security settings for Java applets, and links used for simplifying the installation of Java support for web browsers. In the end, I felt it was getting unnecessarily difficult and time-consuming to keep up with these changes in order to continue supporting a relatively simple, already completely safe applet. Therefore, I am no longer making the applet available from this page.

You can still download an Excel file accompanying my book Digital photography for science, which does much the same calculations (with a few limitations), and run it locally on your computer. The default input values are somewhat dated and not adequate to modern sensors, but you can manually enter input values that better reflect your current camera sensor.